dimanche 20 février 2011

'Exodus' by Trendance

Touched by the Ancient Mariner's arrow,
Alone among my people, isolated in the crowd,
I am here waiting for something to come!
The noise of the waves, the smell of salt,
We stand on a quay, silent and still.
Drops of water through my soul, a haze in my eyes...
The black veil has fallen, fallen down on my life
And the white fog has wrapped up my name.
Only the echoes of the Past ring in our memories
Like the icy bell of the knell.
Charon's boast is coming!The underworld's bottom appears!
Blood, tears and sweat, relics of the body,
We enter the glommy belly of darkness.
I just think of myself as a stone
But I am here in the hold,
Washed away by the Black stream of treachery
My eyes to the missing moon, I can feel its icy light
That guides the fateful steersman who sails to this isle,
This white-hot stone of my eternal nostalgia.


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