mercredi 11 août 2010

'Black and blue' by Trendance

They say the day eclipses the night, that peace succeeds fights.

But I still can’t see any light, nor can I glimpse that things straighten out.

I look up below the clouds, nothing stirs, no one in sight.

No loving gods, no leading fathers, no inspiring models –

only the chilling shadow of high risers, the statues and streetnames of long-forgotten achievers

And the unattainable obsessing dreams behind glossy screens.

My lost planet orbits shopping centres, abusive girls and jumping jacks.

Will older age improve my gloomy blight? But in the meanwhile,

Surrounded by teachers, social workers and police officers,

‘Today, today – is it eventually going to be the day

When I forget yesterday and do not dread tomorrow?’


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