samedi 23 juillet 2016

Where lies lie

Some say Love is like a never-ending waterfall
Bringing sunshine to all,
Fulfilling hopes and dreams
And washing away sorrows and griefs.
But all I got was doubt and drought
Dews of care, hints of strokes.
At first, Love was no pure fantasy,
Didn’t they keep talking about It on MTV ?
‘Let’s get closer and stay together forever’…
But my treasure hunt led me nowhere
- My love for one grand ! Your love, this quicksand !
- Love me or leave me ! My phony love for a real friend !
I was confused, messed up, bewildered
A loser by Carver, a spook by Hopper
When one day, I found It, there, round an isolated street corner,
Lonely, miserable and forsaken !
And guess what ? I had none to offer,
Not a sparkle of heat, not a dash of passion.
OMG, on that rainy day, I strongly hit rock bottom,
Where lies lie and hearts hurt.

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