lundi 27 juin 2011

'Tale of two kisses' by Trendance

O beloved, behold this moving painting - a Kingdom of boredom, routines of Household,

And somewhere, in the faraway country, the deafening bells of desire are chiming tenfold.
I thus boldly depart from Melody and her blindfold

Deaf to her shattered dreams, Foreign to her vale of tears.
I promptly head towards newly-met Alice
Thus avoiding Wanderland and its uncertainties.
Pleasure, Pleasure, my home for a minute's pleasure.

But the scorching disc already fades away

And the silver crescent brutally lights up
To reveal a doomed landscape of Meadows od sorrows, of plains of pains.
Meanwhile a reclusive battle between my forlorn hope and my strong despair

Is already raging, shattering my bloody brain and my throbbing heart.
Up in the diamond-ridden skies, whirling at close quarters, the ancient soothsayers’ black birds shriek -
‘Thou shall return to the  fold²’.

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